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Courier Software

A complete courier and logistics software....

....to Streamline and Automate all front office, delivery and back office processes in order to manage day to day courier operations efficiently. We understand that the courier industry is defined by accuracy and timeliness of package delivery with high customer satisfaction, whether it is traditional courier or e commerce company

Some of the challenges faced by the courier/e-commerce logistics firms today are:

  • Bulk order management

  • Pick up management from multiple sellers/etailers

  • Warehouse management

  • Same day delivery management

  • Timely delivery

  • With increasing demand for Cash on Delivery(COD), managing huge volume of cash and remittances to etailers

  • With Parcels/Bags going through multiple channels and hands, efficient tracking at each location is important

  • Streamlined and transparent communication between three parties involved( customer, etailer/seller, courier/logistics)

We understand the challenges/pain areas of courier and logistics companies and designed a courier software to cater to their complex demand.

Some of the highlights of our Courier Software Solution are:

  • Complete Lifecycle Management of Parcels, Manifests/Bags, DRS

  • Complete Lifecycle Management ecommerce logistics/Cash Management

  • Integration of Parcels, Manifests, DRS, Cash, Clients

  • Branch & RAMP/Hub wise access

  • System of Offloading

  • Mobile Application for immediate update

  • SMS Alerts

  • Auto Emails

  • Dashboards & Analytics