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eCommerce Logistics Software

A cloud based E-commerce Logistics software

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According to Technopak, the $2.3-billion (Rs 13,800 crore) Indian e commerce sector will touch $32 billion (Rs 1.92 lakh crore) by 2020. But for this to happen, the logistics sector - the link between e-tailers and customers - must keep pace with the rate of growth in e-commerce. Not only new logistics firms are coming up to meet this demand, but the traditional courier firms are also looking to tap this opportunity by either scaling up or by setting up dedicated vertical to cater demand

With this change comes new challenges for the logistics and e commerce players such as:

  • Customers need faster delivery,

  • There are complexity in deliveries - from few retailer addresses to numerous customer address;

  • and add to it the high return flow and cod reconciliation.

As the e-commerce sector expands, it is important to have parallel change in the existing support structures to facilitate the the new challenges. Traditional logistics processes needs to be redefined for faultless delivery of the right items to each customer, and robust technology that seamlessly integrates all aspects of the e-commerce operation to each other.

We understand the changing landscape of logistics industry and have designed a customized logistics management software for speedy, precise and efficient execution of orders. 

Our Logistics software technology is ALL in one which covers entire:

  • Order Management

  • Cash on Delivery (COD)

  • Return and Reverse Logistics

  • Billing & Accounting

  • With strong tracking and reporting features

Give special attention to all your clients by fulfilling their needs whether that is multiple tracking, automated order entries using APIs, client portal, automated invoices, automated reconciliation.

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