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Efficient Courier Operations

Have an End to End control over your Courier & Logistics Operations


Courier & Logistics companies have one of the complex operations mechanism. The complexity increases manifolds as & when there is increase in number of branches, orders, team, or method of shipments. It can further get more complex if company is also dealing with international operations.

All these things can make operations error prone. System should be robust enough to handle such kind of massive scale and yet flexible & simple to adapt to the user's need.

CourierERP Advantages

  • Simple yet effective way to group businesses as per process & administrative requirements.

  • Our Courier software specifically design to handle end to end order management processes efficiently.

  • Automated Pick up order

  • Bulk Import of orders from different marketplaces

  • In-scan parcel

  • Bags Manifest Management

  • Order status and tracking

Multi Branch Support


International Operations

Security & Access Control

International Courier Companies are using CourierERP

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