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Courier & Logistics Order Management

Overcome all of your challenges in managing orders


  • Handle multiple bulk order excel sheets from different marketplaces

  • Parcel/Packages/Bags goes through multiple hands/locations right from pick up to delivery.

  • Inefficient tracking of parcels at each stage

  • Complex Transitioning through multiple location/Hubs/Ramps 

Our Solution Features

  • We understand the accuracy & timeliness of package deliveries are essential for the success of courier Industry.

  • Our Courier software specifically design to handle end to end order management processes efficiently.

  • Automated Pick up order, Bulk Import of orders from different marketplaces.

  • Ultra simplified In-scan parcel, Bags Manifest Management, Order status and tracking processes.

How CourierERP works:

  • Sellers get orders on Marketplace, and they share the order delivery list with courier companies in the form of Excel or CSV file. Sheet with order data details like CoD or prepaid. CoD sheet includes the amount which the field executive has to collect.

  • User import the list to courier System and delivery orders is generated automatically.

  • Order can be of delivery or pickup list.

  • Order is assigned to field executives

  • Field executive uses their smart phone app to get the order list.

  • App provide the field executive the address and the shortest path.

  • From the customer location he updates his status to the app which gets synced to the server.

  • Field executive collect the money, if required and issue the cash receipt. Cash amount will be updated in the server.

  • All order status gets updated on the website which is tracked by the end customer.

  • SMS and email Alerts go to the customer when some action is being taken on the parcel such as “Out for Delivery” or “Delivered” etc.

Benefits Value Add 

  • Reduced risk of parcel misplacement

  • Minimal Human Intervention

  • Real time monitoring of parcel across different stages of orders

  • Comprehensive Reports & Analysis

  • Alerts & SMS

Own Way Bill numbers

Manage your own way bill number series and share with your clients

API Integration

Integrate server with your client's using ready to use APIs.

Excel Import

No need to manually type as you can simply import excel sheets. 

End to End tracking of the parcels

Parcels are auto tracked included user name and time stamp.

No missing of the parcels

Access & Short lists give you quick information where the missing parcel could be and who touched it last.

Barcode Reader support

User can use barcode readers, which brings lots of efficiency & accuracy

Asia's biggest courier company is using CourierERP

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